Are you considering visiting Cincinnati Ohio? Want to figure out what exactly you’ll have to look forward to? Well lucky you, I’m an Ohioan from Cincinnati here to inform everyone of all the fun and excitement you’ll get from the area. If you’re still young and love the college scene or at least the parties involved with college kids, then make your way up to Clifton.

Clifton is where the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Technical and Community college are located with an amazing bar life full of street performers and all night house parties you can usually walk right into uninvited. People are usually pretty friendly in the college area, with plenty of cops patrolling on Segways, foot, bikes, and cars to make sure no one has a bad night, there’s also a park by the main strip that has a beautiful site of downtown Cincinnati, and yes, this college town is basically all hills, hints the name Clifton!

Next on the list is Findlay Market, held in downtown Cincinnati. Findlay market is a marketplace set up like a flea market with small-time vendors you will only find here. Within Findlay market is a variety of products to choose from, you have your fresh produce, freshly caught fish, homemade bakery items, clothing, accessories, instruments, arts and crafts, and so many other goodies. It has a massive area that could potentially keep you there all day, running 7 days a week, and offering great entertainment and socializing. If you love to shop, especially for items you won’t find anywhere else, Findlay Market is the place to do it.
If you love spending time in parks, hiking trails, and other natural areas, then you’re in luck because another fun way to pass time in Cincinnati OH are the numerous parks and trails for you to hang out at and walk around. One beautiful park you should take the time to check out is Burnet Woods. This park is 90 acres, loaded with hiking trails, fishing lakes, a historic bandstand, playgrounds, shelters, and even a disk golf course. So whether you are looking for a great place to take the family, or just somewhere to grill out, chill, or even play some sports with friends, this park has you covered.
Now if you’re passionate about art, then you’ll need to make your way to the Cincinnati Art Museum. This museum has over 67,000 pieces of art to enjoy that have been building up for over 6,000 years! Plus programs and special events happen here regularly so you definitely need to keep an eye out to make the best of your trip. They have a specific section on their website for adult fun, one of the many interesting events they hold is an after dark “Dance Like an Egyptian” event where you get to dress like Egyptians and enjoy a silent disco in the Great Hall. You’ll also be able to enjoy performances, cash bars, food, and the museum after hours, what a blast!
So if you’re heading down to Cincinnati Ohio and looking to make the best of your time, you have your choices of parks, natural environments, museums, sports, shopping, music, and so much more in the great city of Cincinnati.